Peanut · Wednesday

Peanut’s Throne


Peanut’s Throne

Chelle says this chair is my Throne

Gramps says that I’m just keeping his spot warm

But as for me


This chair is just perfect for

Keeping a Dog Watch at the door and window

A quiet and peaceful place to sleep

There is no one here to bother me


Until Chelle came along

Took my picture

And made me curl up on her lap

But it’s still peaceful here


Peanut · Thursday

The Day Before Christmas


The Day Before Christmas

And all the Human’s are a blur

Cleaning here and there

(And scrubbing up the little throw-up from eating too much long grass here)

Along with the dreaded vacuum

And the Tree

Oh the Tree

And all those things in my way

I liked sleeping behind that Tree

It was calm

And quiet

Now I have to search for a new spot

Hope you have a calm and quiet spot

To help from feeling stressed this Holiday


As for being Naughty

(Hardly me, I’m an Angel)

Or Nice

(Isn’t posing for these pictures nice?)


Here’s a big ol’ lick… or as Gramps said… “I can’t hold my Lick-er” (my only naughty thing I do I think).


Peanut · Tuesday

Rainy Days


Rainy Days

It’s been raining these past couple days. A good thing because the Humans needed it. Or that’s what they say. I’m not sure how they would need it. But it does smell good after it’s rained. Plus these “Christmas Twinkle Lights” do look pretty with the wet ground and bushes. Just wish Chell didn’t obstruct my advantage of getting the lizards in the flower bed. How am I going to jump in after them know?

And before you laugh at me for wearing this Raincoat, it really works. Yes I am a Poodle, and Chell says it’s from the German word Pudel – “to splash about”… But I’m not a 100% Water Dog. Sure I can swimming. Chell has brought me swimming at friend’s pools with and without a doggy life-vest loads of times. And they say I sure do behave so well during bath time, if you call standing in a huge sink in the garage and acknowledging there’s no use in fighting is good, well I call it just being a realist.

I just don’t like staying wet. My hair just absorbs the water. Schell literally rings some of the water out of my hair after bath time.


So that’s why I very mush prefer going outside in the rainy weather with my Raincoat. Keeps most of my hair good and dry.


A nice and dry happy dog is most welcome on the Human’s furniture.

Monday · Peanut

How to not have a stressful Monday

Chillin’ on my BFF’s bed

How to not have a stressful Monday

Monday’s can be a little stressful. At least for my humans it is.┬áSo here’s my way to keep calm.

First, there’s the old “Keep Calm quotes”. This is my favorite.


Why love dogs? Well there’s many positive and scientific reasons. But I’ll tell you why my humans love dogs.

Michelle suffers a little from Anxiety Depression. She’s also a socially awkward face to face. Since she’s become my new BFF, her anxiety isn’t high. She still mumbles, but I try to help when she reads aloud to me.

As for her face to face awkwardness, well, as you can see in this picture, I am the Queen of our neighborhood. A lot of people know who I am, and they also know Michelle too.


Keeping Michelle calm with just my presence. And kisses too.

We are still working on her insomnia. But she loves snuggling with me, and to just have me next to her. And sleeping next to her on her bed has helped with her nightmares. And my hair hardly ever sheds. It just grows long like human hair. So I don’t shed on her bed.

Peanut · Sunday

Winter Outfits


Winter Outfits

The human, Michelle, put this outfit on me. It’s ok. But I don’t know if the dogs on my block liked it. Two big dogs (neighbor Koda and some big white lab named Ranger) kept trying to bite the sweater. That or it was my Alpha attitude.

Now that the weather is colder, it gives me the excuse to strut my many outfits. The humans have 1 Suggie for dogs, 4 sweaters, and about a dozen t-shirts.

This blue one is apparently by Martha Stewart. Dear Martha, this is a little too big for me. My front legs sometimes gets misplaced, and it causes me to trip everywhere. But I suppose it is comfy.


I’m just glad the humans has something for me to wear when they’ve forced me to get my haircut.

Peanut · Saturday

Football Saturdays


Football Saturdays

The humans are getting really excited over some sport on tv. They call it Football. Gramps watched a lot of it. Michelle watched one of them, the one they both got excited over – Notre Dame vs Stanford.



So while they were getting excited, I was just trying to get comfortable. Neither Gramps and Michelle’s laps are comfy when they get excited.